Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games offered at any online casino. All online casinos have the basic American and European Rules version, but more variants are being introduced frequently. Depending on the players’ software choice, there are many new versions of Blackjack available.

The general concept of Blackjack stays the same no matter what variant the player chooses. The player must try to get to as close to 21 without going over. The general rules allow players to use the deck to their advantage, and the breakdown is as follows: Face cards have a value of 10, 2-9 are valued by the number on the card, and the Ace can be used as a 1 or an 11. Players are dealt two cards, where they will then have a choice to “Hit” or “Stand”. Players will sometimes have the option to double down, which means raise, if they are confident in their hand, or split if they are dealt a pair. Doubling down is a great way to win more; however, players should use this option wisely as it could deplete the bankroll even faster.

There is a computer dealer who is also dealt two cards, and usually only one of his cards is face up. Players must try their best to beat the dealer’s hand, and should the player and dealer tie in value, it’s considered a push and the players initial bet is returned. If the player busts, which means they have cards that total in value over 21, all bets are lost. Should they be successful and beat the dealer, or are dealt a blackjack, the wins can be substantial depending on the bet.

Different versions of the game have different odds, so it’s impossible to detail them all in this blog post; however, all casinos have their odds printed directly on the table for easy reference. Also, the limits on tables differ between software and casino change. There are usually tables for average players, and high limit tables for players that enjoy playing with high stakes. Depending on your bankroll, choose your table carefully. If you don’t find a table that suits your needs, ask support if they can raise the limits for you.

There are many strategies available online for players to use as tools to get the best out of their blackjack game. Keep an eye on the upcoming gambling blogs for the best strategies available, and details on the many variants offered at online casinos.