Learn some super awesome and interesting facts about poker game during the pauses of your cash games at pokerace99. Know some fun things about your favorite game ever right away.

Knowing that poker bluff is only for masters or pokerace99 as one of the most reliable gambling houses for all poker formats is not enough to call yourself a poker pro. Actually, besides the rules and some of the most effective poker tips, it’s a must for you to brag about some general poker culture.

If you want to have rich poker culture you should also know some background and curious facts about poker. It’s a golden ticket for you to appear in a secret poker society where you will learn even more for your most beloved game. It’s also a factor to increase your own self-confidence in gambling.

So if you want to learn some interesting facts about poker, below we have gathered some of the craziest among them:

  • The biggest poker win was registered during the 55th event of WSOP poker conference. The total amount of the income for the lucky guy was 18 346 673 USD. And the name of the lucky guy is Antonio Esfandiari. The curious think about the guy is that he’s indeed, a professional player, but far away from the best participants who signed in WSOP 55 Edition.
  • The poker game appeared in New Orleans. However, the first players of poker in this city were classical French gamblers. They actually called poker game with the French name poque. It took only a year for the French founders of the legendary poker game to meet the local English-speaking citizens with its rules and to make them love the game.
  • It’s very common for poker pros and poker teachers to say that royal flush is a very rare think and you shouldn’t count on it. As a matter of fact, it’s not as rare as they think. For instance, all poker specialists say that the chance to have a royal flush is 649.740:1. However, the reality is different.  This odd has been made by having in mind the poker game with 5 cards. If you play, though a 7-card poker format – for example, Texas Hold Em, which is one of the top rated ever – you will get a better chance for a flush royal: 30.931:1.
  • About 10% of the poker players from all over the world are 100% confident that if there’s a dog nearby you when playing, you will be twice luckier in your game. Although dog has never been considered to be the luckiest animal ever (unlike the elephant or the golden fish, for instance), in poker, it’s one of the most common lucky charms ever.
  • There’s a drunk poker hand. It’s called in the honor of the popular whiskey Jack Daniels. The name comes from the whiskey brand abbreviation – J7 – and as you can think of the hand contains 7 and J.