For years, fortunate have been able to ring the slot machine to win the jackpot. Here is a throwback of the top five winnings in slot machine history.

Slot machines are one of the easiest yet toughest nuts to crack in the gambling sector. Only a few fortunate have been lucky, with the jackpot being one in a million probabilities. While some winnings are from Las Vegas casinos, some have also won the jackpot in online casinos like UFABET.

Here are the details of the top five jackpots won in the history of slot machines-

$39.7 Million Jackpot Won from Excalibur Casino, Los Angeles

In recent years, the highest ever reward received by any gambler is $39.7 million. In 2003, a 25 years old software engineer landed this biggest ever winning made in history. Before a basketball match, the person was casually playing Megabucks Slot inside the Excalibur casino. He has wagered a $100 bet on the game to win the mega jackpot, and he won it. 

Till now, his record is unbitten, and he holds the world record of biggest ever jackpot winning. However, his identity was not disclosed, and nothing is known about what he does now.

$35 Million by Cynthia Jay

Cynthia Jay Brennan, a waitress, landed a reward of a whopping $35 million while playing Megabucks machine. She went to the Desert Inn Casino in Sin City after her shift ended in January 2000. Cynthia won the mega prize whole a gambling session. Her wager amount is still unknown. 

But, her life post-winning was not like a fairy tale. She and her sister were involved in a fatal accident just after one month of the wining. She was paralyzed down her chest while her sister died from a misfortunate event. Her incident resulted in an urban myth that the Megabucks machine is cursed.

$27.5 Million by a Retired Flight Attendant

In 1998, a retired flight attendant had her best moment with megabucks winning $27.5 million. She reportedly went to Place Station Resort on vacation and wanted to try her luck in slots. Her lady luck was with her as she won the prize in a megabucks machine. But, interestingly, she did not suffer the same fate as Cynthia!

$21 million by WWII veteran Elmer Sherwin

WWLL veteran Elmer Sherwin was a seasoned gambler who won $21 million with a Megabucks machine. This 80year older man sure has great luck. Twelve years ago, he won a $4.6 million prize on another Megabucks machine. When he won his second regard, Sherwin was 80 years old and donated a large amount of the winning for Hurricane Katarina relief. 

€17.86 million by Finland Man on Mega Moolah

An Anonymous Finland citizen won a whopping 17.86 in an online slot Mega Fortune, developed by NetEnt. He won the mega jackpot against just a simple bet of 0.25. The gambler had won this whopping jackpot in 2013, during the initial phase of online gambling. Interestingly, it was the largest, even winning till 2016. His winning is one of the few mega Moolah rewards from an online casino.